The Global Craftsman

The inception of The Global Craftsman began in 2007 in Hunstville, Alabama when we undertook the renovation of a building from 1820. It was the symbiotic relationship of the reclaimed material and the modern modifications that drove our passion to provide reclaimed materials to a larger group of people. 

When we first started sourcing our materials they were coming from all over the world, from France and Hungary to the United Kingdom. The geographical reach of our reclaimed pieces paired with our passion for quality of work inspired us to become The Global Craftsman.

Soon, we were not only doing commercial and residential reclaimed installations, but had also created a line of custom designed furniture and home features that were created in-house by a team of devoted welders, woodworkers, and cabinet builders. While each creation is firmly rooted in historic design elements we are constantly pushing the dichotomy between old-world aesthetics and sleek modern lines.

As always, we strive to create original designs from reclaimed materials.


181 Highway 64 West, Cashiers NC 28717

(828) 743-1844